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Band Mill Drive

Product: Premium V-Belts

Premium V-BeltsSignificant improvement has been made on a band mill drive using Premium V-belt singles. Even though the sheaves weren’t replaced, the new Premium belts exceeded the four-month life expectancy of the original belts with no noticeable signs of wear. For every set of belts that they do not need to replace, the company saves $2,000.

Premium belts feature KEVLAR® or aramid tensile cords which provide extraordinary strength, durability, and dramatically less stretch than standard cross sections. That’s why they’re ideal for use on problem drives requiring high-impact strength and load-carrying power. These belts can handle 1.4 to 2.2 times more horsepower than the equivalent size standard V-belt.

A double layer fabric cover creates maximum abrasion resistance that protects against wear caused by airborne dust and particles, which can cause rapid belt sidewall wear resulting in early failures.


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