ISO Certificates

TB Wood's facilities in Chambersburg and San Marcos Texas have been recognized and granted certification for meeting ISO 9001 standards. The ISO 9001 registration process, demonstrates TB Wood's commitment to meeting customer expectations for its products and services by continually improving its operations.

ISO 9001 is a series of internationally recognized standards for quality management systems. Registration means that a company has met these standards after undergoing rigorous auditing by an independent, outside quality system auditing firm.

By meeting the ISO 9001 Quality Management Principles, TB Wood's is committed to:

1. Focus on their customers to understand the needs, requirements and strive to exceed expectations.

2. Provide leadership to establish a unity of purpose and set the direction the organization should take. Leaders will create an environment that encourages people to achieve the organization's objectives.

3. Involve employees and encouraging involvement at all levels.

4. Use a process approach to manage activities and related resources.

5. Take a systems approach to identify interrelated processes and treat them as a system and in turn manage the interrelated process as a system.

6 Encourage continual improvements and make a permanent commitment to continually improve their overall performance.

7. Fact based decisions and the analysis of factual information and data.

8. Working with supplier organizations to maintain mutually beneficial relationships.

ISO Certificate TB Wood's Incorporated Chambersburg

ISO Certificate TB Wood's Incorporated San Marcos

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