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Form-Flex & Torsiflex Couplings

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Dura-Flex® Couplings | TB Wood's

TB Wood’s Dura-Flex® couplings are designed from the ground up using finite element analysis to maximize flex life. Perfect for a wide variety of applications -- including those with uniform to heavy shock loads -- Dura-Flex® couplings employ a light weight element that absorbs shock loading and torsional vibration. These couplings are available in stock bore-to-size (BTS), Taper-Lock® and Sure-Grip® bushed (QD) hubs.

Product Features

  • Up to 4.50 kNm; 39,500
  • Easy to assemble/replace
  • High misalignment ratings
  • No maintenance/lubrication
  • Part-for-part interchangeable with industry standard design
  • In-stock versatile spacer design can accommodate many configurations with few parts
  • Designed from the ground up using finite element analysis to maximize flex life.
  • Easy two piece element installation. No need to move the hubs during replacement.
  • One spacer size to handle most different between shaft spacings.
  • Light weight element absorbs shock loading and torsional vibration.
  • Same hubs used on both spacer and standard elements.
  • Good chemical resistance.
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Product Catalog

  • TB Wood's Flexible Couplings

Service Manual

  • Dura-Flex® Coupling Installation Instructions FORM 1164B
  • Dura-Flex Installation Manual

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Dura-Flex® Coupling Installation Video

Dura-Flex® Couplings for Steel Mill Runout Table

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