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TB Wood's MTO Sheaves for Quarry Vibratory Screen

A major global mining equipment manufacturer needed a belted drive for a vibrating screen used at quarries and mines. As material is fed into the top of the inclined machine, vibration causes the material to move down as it drops through a series of different screens with selected size mesh openings. The material is sorted based on the mesh opening sizes, from larger openings in the top screen to smaller openings in the bottom screen, and eventually gets transported to surrounding stock piles via separate incline conveyors. The vibration is generated by a large, unbalanced motor-driven flywheel sheave that creates erratic movement when rotated.

TB Wood’s manufactured Made-to-Order (MTO) sheaves to meet the challenging sheave application requirements. The rugged 20" dia., non-standard, deep-groove, gray iron sheaves were statically balanced at the factory.

OEMs and end users routinely rely on TB Wood’s for their extensive belt drive application knowledge and in-house engineering capabilities. All TB Wood’s sheaves are manufactured to exacting specifications and high quality standards at our foundry located in Chambersburg, PA. For more information about our foundry capabilities visit:

MTO Sheaves 20 inches


  • 20" dia. Made-to-Order (MTO) sheaves
  • Special deep grooves
  • Gray iron
  • Static balanced
  • Made in USA

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