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Foundry Overview

An American product from start to finish: Source your gray and ductile iron commercial castings from TB Wood’s historic Foundry

Located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, the TB Wood’s Foundry has been in operation since 1857.

Why Choose TB Wood's?

There are many reasons why you may look to the TB Wood’s Foundry for the design and machining of gray and ductile iron castings:

  • Short lead times amid supply chain issues
  • “Buy American” requirements
  • Re-shoring iron to a quality domestic foundry
  • On time, on budget castings thanks to superior knowledge and experience

But did also you know – customers who purchase TB Wood’s gray and ductile iron castings are leveraging generations of technical expertise?

Our proven and reliable capabilities weren’t formed overnight. Since 1857, TB Wood’s has developed the technical expertise and staff to produce gray and ductile iron castings that can hold up in some of the most demanding environments.

Unparalleled Capabilities in Product, Tooling, Molding

TB Wood’s ISO 9001 registered foundry and machining operations are capable of producing gray iron or ductile iron castings up to 10,000 pounds. Plus, our lead times are shortened significantly thanks to lean manufacturing principles, as part of the Altra Business System (ABS.)

Many job shop foundries have a narrow capability range. Over the years, we’ve developed our Foundry to supply a wide range of product, from 5 lbs to 10,000 lbs. Plus, we have in-house state-certified journeyman pattern makers, allowing us to adapt and maintain customer tooling.

We take great pride in our craft, and are proud to offer the following capabilities:  

  • No-Bake Molding 
  • Semi-Auto Line (up to 2,500 lbs) 
  • Floor Molding (up to 10,000 lbs) 
  • Green Sand Molding
  • 34X34 Herman (up to 300lbs) 
  • 20X24 Sinto (up to 80 lbs) 
TB Wood's Castings

Check out a full list of our commercial castings capabilities.

Though we have been making quality castings for over 150 years, we are not stuck in the past.

Each day, our Foundry specialists and engineers make continuous improvements to ensure our foundry technology is thoroughly modern.

Specialized engineering, testing and control of metal and molding sand is essential. You can count on our engineers and technicians to utilize solidification modeling and several sand and metallurgical tests and procedures to ensure your castings meet stringent quality standards.

Together, our complete-to-print capabilities, quality control procedures, and proven delivery system enable us to satisfy casting requirements quickly and efficiently – on-time and on-budget.

Contact a TB Wood’s team member today to learn more about how our historic Foundry can help you meet your commercial castings needs.

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