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Form-Flex & Torsiflex Couplings

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TB Wood’s Dura-Flex® and Sure-Flex Plus® elastomeric couplings and G-Flex grid couplings are used on a variety of wastewater applications including, aeration tank blowers, rectangular sedimentation tanks, sludge and microorganism pumps, screw conveyors, transfer pumps, and gas compressors. Form-Flex® couplings can be used on main pumping station drivetrains. TB Wood’s V-Belt sheaves, Premium V-Belts and QT Power Chain® II Carbon Belt Drive System are often used on large pumps that transfer water from primary clarifiers to aeration tanks.

Aeration Tank Blower Applications

Aeration Tank Blowers

Clarifier Tank Sludge Removal Applications

Clarifier Tank & Sludge Removal Pumps

Gas Compressor Applications

Gas Compressors

Main Pumping Station Applications

Main Pumping Station

Rectangular Sedimentation Tanks Applications

Rectangular Sedimentation Tanks

Sludge Microorganism Pump Applications

Sludge & Microorganism Pumps

Sludge DeWatering Augers

Sludge De-Watering Augers

Sludge Digestor Pumps

Sludge Digester Pumps

Sludge Pump Applications

Sludge Pumps

Transfer Pump Applications

Transfer Pumps

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