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TB Wood’s Classical (also known as Conventional) V-belts include five cross sections: A, B, C, D, and E. These sections are a continuing development of the original V-belts of the 1930’s. A, B, C, and D belts are available in wrapped or cog construction and all are static conducting, and oil and heat resistant.

Note: E section V-belts are available for replacement on existing drives, but are not recommended for new drive designs.

Product Features

  • Classical Cog:
    • 30% higher horsepower rating than standard belts, on average
    • Premium raw edge, cog construction
  • Classical Banded:
    • Designed for problem drives
    • Multiple belts integrated into single belt
  • Classical:
    • Cover fabric offers optimal flexibility and abrasion resistance
    • Finest wrapped belts in the industry
  • Classical Cog Banded:
    • Available in BX, CX and DX belts in 2 through 5 ribs
    • Premium raw edge, cog construction
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Product Catalog

  • V-Belt Drives
  • Premium V-Belt Drives

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